Monday, June 20, 2011

Artopia/Seattle Weekly Newspaper Boxes

30 Seattle Artists were asked to paint up some Seattle Weekly boxes to be dropped all over town...find and flick all 30.  Check out for the skinny.   Here's my contribution:

To kick off our Artopia celebration, Seattle Artists were given 3 days to transform a Seattle Weekly paper box into a work of art. They are now across the city, 30 in all. Can you spot them? We have a "Find the Art Boxes" game on Facebook!

Participating artists include Henry, Caudled Milk, Laura Dean, Hera Won, Starheadboy, Evren Artiran, Ryan Worsley, Jenna Colby, Blur Seattle, Narboo, Krispijn Larrison, Peace Pirates, Brandon Bay, Siolo Thompson, Jessixa Bagley, Xavier (The X-man!) Lopez Jr. and artists from Coyote Central including Dorit Ely, Ksera, Elena Korakianitou, Julie Paschkis, Joe Max Emminger, Liz Gamberg, Tom Hoffmann, Joyce Haldorson, Laurie Conklin, and Joanne Sugura.

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